Writing for the Web SSD Template

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    Top 16 Web Writing Tips

    1. Know your audience - what do they care about the most?
    2. Put conclusions/main points at the beginning.
    3. Write only one idea per paragraph.
    4. Keep paragraphs to two to four short sentences tops!
    5. Make scan-able - Use lists instead of paragraphs.
    6. Limit list items to 7 words (or less!) per line.
    7. Write short sentences – around 12 words per sentence or less!
    8. Don’t use acronyms without first explaining them in the beginning.
    9. Avoid jargon that only educators know.
    10. Don’t say the same thing twice.
    11. Avoid passive tense.
    12. Use action words.
    13. Address your web visitors directly. Use the word “you.”
    14. Include internal sub-headings.
    15. Make your links part of the copy.
    16. Don’t be afraid to infuse light humor into your copy.


    Follow This Formula – Five Questions (And Five Questions Only!)

    1. What is the most important thing your audience wants to know?
    2. What makes this event/program/class special, unique, powerful?
    3. How will people benefit from this program?
    4. Describe the core of the program in four sentences or less.
    5. Where can people get information?



    teacher helping students with hands on project

    Formula Example: 8th Grade Parent Info Night


    Title: Don’t Miss 8th Grade Parent Info Night


    Most Important: 8th Grade Parent Information Night is your primary event to learn everything you need to expect from your student’s four years of high school.


    Powerful: This is one of the key events where you will meet many of the very people who will help to guide your student through their most formative years of their life.



    At this event, you will:

    • Tour the school
    • Meet the principal
    • Get a preview of classes
    • Talk with teachers
    • Meet parents who may be as nervous as you about your student entering high school!


    Learn More:

    Contact your school today to get all of the details!



    1. Are there documents, google docs, flyers, PDF brochures, applications, etc. that you need to link to on this page? Give your AP the links to existing documents online or PDFs with your page. Include with your email to help your AP stay organized.
    2. Provide a photo that really visually represents your copy.
    3. Are there external resources that would be helpful for your audience? Provide those.


    Thank you for contributing to our fabulous websites!