Contact List

  • Tiffany Luc
    Extension #: 1014
    Program Responsibility: Department Calendar, Tracking Professional Development, Teacher Leadership Committees; Department website, and Admin support to Coordinators

    Dina Ortega
    Extension #: 1050
    Program Responsibility: All State and Federal assessments; accurate identification and monitoring of English Learner progress. Admin support to Director

    Diana Hernandez 
    Extension #: 1039 
    Program Responsibility: Benchmark assessments and reporting; KLAS program attendance support; Summer School support and PFT

    Alka Sharma
    Extension #: 1048
    Program Responsibility: Coordinates the purchase and distribution of all core and supplementary instructional materials; Materials related tech support with rostering and supporting

    Karen Adriano
    Extension #: 1067 /
    Program Responsibility: Technology integration, Clever, report card creation, troubleshooting, standards maintenance; Permissions and access support for Clever supported applications and programs, Admin support to Assistant Superintendent. Provides Spanish translations.