• SPED  

    Welcome to the Special Education and Student Services Department 


    Dear Families,


    We will make our best efforts to support all children during this closure and will work to maintain skills for students. This will involve electronic and/or telephonic access to our teachers, case managers, and service providers. Staff will collaborate to help support education planning for your child during school closure.   We recognize that during this closure, we may not be able to provide the same level of special education services that your child receives in their school setting. However, we will strive to provide your child with equitable access to educational opportunities while respecting the health and safety of your family and our staff.  Please remember during these challenging times no matter how insurmountable circumstances may seem, there are no problems that cannot be overcome by the power of positive thinking.  Remember to stay calm, gain perspective, nurture your faith, and focus on positive outcomes.  We will be here with you guiding and supporting you.  Together we have the power to create healthy, happy spaces for our families.


    By communication, from the Special Education Director, you received a letter on March 20, 2020. In case you have not received the letters I am including the links below.


    We remain dedicated to ensuring that your child receives a meaningful education from our District.  If you have further questions, please reach out to your child’s case manager.



    Dr. Tasha L. Dean, Ed.D.

    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Special Education