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    Sunnyvale School District

    Measure BB
    Fact Sheet


    On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, all of the voters in the Sunnyvale School District will be asked to vote on Measure BB.  Measure BB will renew a $59 per year parcel tax that was first approved by voters in 2011.  Measure BB will continue to provide the School District with a reliable, local source of funds to support and maintain high academic standards for the students in our eight elementary and two middle schools.  Measure BB will last for seven years and requires a two-thirds voter approval for passage.


    Measure BB protects our schools.  Since approved by voters in 2011, Measure BB has raised approximately $1 million annually to support our 10 schools.   Without these additional local funds, the district would have been forced to reduce or eliminate classroom programs and services including science, libraries, and technology.


    Measure BB funds will allow the district to continue to:


    • Protect district programs such as math, English, and science.
    • Maintain computers and technology used by students and teachers.
    • Attract and retain highly qualified teachers and staff.
    • Keep class sizes as small as possible.


    Measure BB provides for strict accountability as funds are spent.  An Independent Citizens Oversight Committee will monitor and review all Measure BB expenditures. This committee of local residents will make sure that all funds are spent as planned for the benefit of local students. 


    An exemption is available for those 65 and over and the disabled.  An exemption from Measure BB is available to those who are at least 65 years old or disabled and own and reside in their home.  Anyone currently exempt from the parcel tax will continue to be exempt under Measure BB.  You do not need to re-apply for an exemption.


    None of these funds will be spent on district administration.  All of the funds raised by Measure BB will be spent in our local classrooms.


    Vote on Measure BB November 8, 2016! 


    For more information about the Sunnyvale School District and Measure BB, please visit the District’s web site at www.sesd.org.




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