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    At the Sunnyvale School District, we know that when it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. So, in addition to the content-rich, standards-based curriculum delivered at each of our schools, we are proud to also offer our families six choices for specialized learning opportunities. Our Programs of Choice cover a variety of themes: science focus, dual-language immersion, parent participation, a partnership program with Stanford University, a leadership program, and technology with social smarts.
    In these programs, and at every one of our schools, we include music, art, living history, hands-on science, project-based learning, and state-of-the-art technology, as well as promoting physical fitness and social-emotional growth. Because education is about more than building great skills, it’s about building a great life.


    Please note that students who wish to enroll in a Program of Choice at a school other than their neighborhood school must go through the district's Open Enrollment process.


    Bishop bobcat logo

    Bishop Elementary School

    A Leader in Me School

    • Based on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that provides opportunities for students to develop their full potential.
    • Students, families, and staff learn 21st-century principles and skills and apply them to enhance campus culture and improve academic achievement.
    • We develop the whole person and empower students to lead their own learning.
    • We believe that everyone has genius and therefore everyone can contribute to the greatness of our school.


    Together, we recognize and celebrate the greatness of each child and provide students with multiple opportunities to develop their full potential.

    For more information about The Leader in Me, visit Bishop's website or call 408.522.8229. 

Bishop Leader in Me Presentation/Bishop Líder en Mí Presentación

  •   fairwood logo

    Fairwood Explorer School

    Parent Participation Program

    • High academic standards
    • Small-group instruction
    • Project-based, hands-on learning
    • Collaborative environment

    Fairwood Explorer’s goal is to guide its diverse student body to become creative, intellectually curious, confident, respectful, self-disciplined and socially responsible.

    For more information on Fairwood Explorer School, please click here.

  • Lakewood TechEQ technology and social smarts for the 21st century  

    Lakewood Tech EQ

    Technology & Social Smarts for the 21st-century

    • Developing students’ social and emotional learning as a foundation for using technology for communication.
    • Parent and community partnerships help guide and enrich the program’s learning progressions.
    • Hands-on opportunities to develop student’s emotional intelligence (EQ).
    • Technology skills for rigorous academic achievement.


    Lakewood Elementary’s nurturing environment is foundational to our children’s development into forward-thinking, emotionally resilient problem-solvers. We have high standards for our students’ academic achievement, integrity, leadership, and responsible citizenship. For more information on Lakewood Tech EQ, visit their web page or call 408.522.8272.

Lakewood TechEQ Video

Lakewood TechEQ Program of Choice Presentation

  • San Miguel shark fin logo

    San Miguel Elementary School

    Juntos Spanish-English Dual Language Immersion Program

    • High academic standards
    • Students develop full bilingualism and biliteracy in both Spanish and English
    • Changemaker skills: building empathy, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving

    Dual-immersion students develop analytical skills that strengthen all academic areas. Welcoming kindergarten through fifth-grade students. Students can now continue the program when they move on to Columbia Middle School! For more information on San Miguel Elementary’s Juntos Spanish-English Dual Immersion program, please visit their web page or call (408) 522-8278.

Juntos Program of Choice Information Session

  • vargas logo

    Vargas Elementary School

    Student Success through Science

    • High academic standards
    • Inquiry-based learning
    • Hands-on science every day, every grade
    • New, fully equipped science lab

    Vargas Elementary students enjoy a rich, well-rounded curriculum of language arts, mathematics, social studies and the arts, viewed through a scientific lens.


    For more information on Vargas Elementary's Student Success through Science program, please visit Vargas' web site or call (408) 522-8267.

Vargas Student Success through Science Presentation

  • bulldog logo

    Columbia Middle School

    Stanford University Partnership Program (UPP)

    • High academic standards
    • Inquiry based learning
    • Small student-to-teacher ratio
    • Innovative, research-based instructional strategies
    • Technology integration

    UPP provides a classroom community that is rigorous and engaging, developed through Columbia’s partnership with Stanford University’s researchers, clinical associates, and teacher candidates.

    For more information on UPP at Columbia Middle School, click here or please call (408) 522-8247.

    Juntos Spanish-English Language Immersion Program

    Columbia Middle School is now serving as the middle school continuation of San Miguel Elementary School's K-5 program. Grades six and seven are available with the eighth grade being added in the fall of 2023. 

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