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    Where can I find board policies and administrative regulations on Attendance?

    Attendance Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR) can be found online at:


    The policies for attendance are listed under the "5000- Students" category of documents.


    What time does TK start?

    Start times for Transitional Kindergarten are different for each school site. For the 2022-2023 school year the start times were the following:

    Lakewood, Bishop and San Miguel: 8:00am

    Ellis and Vargas: 8:15am 


    What is the cut-off birthdate for enrolling my child in school?

    Grade Level Criteria by School Year


    Which schools offer TK?

    Our schools that offer TK are: Lakewood, San Miguel, Bishop, Vargas, Ellis, Cherry Chase, Cumberland and

    Juntos TK


    Can my student get the Tuberculosis Test (TB) done after we complete enrollment?

    No, this must be completed at the time of enrolling your student.


    What if I don’t fulfill all the requirements for Proofs of Residency for Registration?

    For parents/guardians who cannot provide the required Proofs of Residency, you must complete the Affidavit of Residency form. This form can be picked up at the District: 819 W. Iowa Ave, Sunnyvale, Ca 94086.


    What is an Affidavit of Residency?

    An affidavit is when two or more families are living in one address; a parent/guardian (student's family) and a primary resident. The Primary Resident has his/her name on the lease/mortgage and utility bills. Parent/guardian does not have his/her name on the lease/mortgage. Each school year, both parties must come to the district office with their ID's and documents to complete the Affidavit. 


    How many schools can I apply to during the Open Enrollment window?

    For open enrollment, families K-8 may request 2 schools within the Sunnyvale School District. TK families may request 3 schools within the Sunnyvale School District. In order to participate, you must have completed your child(ren)'s registration at your neighborhood school site.


    I have a 5th grader in the District…do I need to register for middle school?

    Current Sunnyvale School District 5th-grade students who will be attending their neighborhood middle school the following school year do not need to re-register. The neighborhood middle school is based on their residency address. The only step needed to be taken is to complete an address re-verification at the neighborhood middle school in August by providing the required residency documents outlined in the District’s registration regulations.

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