• From the Communications Office

    Reminder About Media Requests


    All media requests to interview, videotape, or photograph Sunnyvale School District staff, students, or board members should be made through Alia Wilson, Communications Coordinator. Please contact our office at (408) 522-8200 ext. 1084 or email alia.wilson@sesd.org. 


    Visiting Sites: Media should contact the Communications Office before visiting a campus. Media will be asked to sign-in at the school's front office as a safety and security precaution just like any other school visitor is required to do. When videotaping, photographing, or interviewing, the Communications Coordinator (or designee) will accompany the media to minimize disruption and assist with any additional requests. 


    Photo/Video Releases: Federal and state law allow students and parents to opt out of the release of certain information about students, including photographs. The Communications Office works with each school to determine who has a photo/video release form on file and who cannot be photographed and interviewed. 


    Emergency/Crisis Communication: The Communications Office works as quickly as possible to provide accurate information to the media through a spokesperson, written release or statement, or press conference. Our first priority is ensuring that safety and security of students and staff and communicating about the emergency with staff and parents/guardians. As soon as possible, we then work to provide timely information to the media on the emergency and its impact on students and staff. In an emergency, media may be assigned to a designated location to ensure their safety and minimize disruption to emergency response efforts. 


    Questions? Contact Alia Wilson at (408) 522-8200 ext. 1084 or alia.wilson@sesd.org.