Student Safety and Well-being

  • As educators, just about the only thing more important to us than your child’s education is his or her health and well-being. We do all we can to emphasize physical and emotional safety and promote wellness at each school site and hope families will partner with us to encourage healthy habits for their children as well. 

Safe Facilities

  • Foundational to instruction within the Sunnyvale School District is a commitment to providing a safe learning environment for students. The passage of Measure G has resulted in continuing improvements to our facilities, ensuring that all of our schools have comparable classrooms, are energy-efficient, and are equipped with up-to-date technology. Additionally, every site is regularly inspected and retrofitted for structural and seismic safety as needed.

Partnering for Safety

  • We work closely with Sunnyvale Public Safety to educate our students on a variety of topics, such as bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, stranger danger, traffic and bike safety, fire safety, and more.  

    We also partner with community organizations dedicated to preventing bullying and violence among students to help keep our campuses safe and comfortable for all.

    All of our community partners, campus volunteers, and staff members — every person who comes in contact with one of our students — undergo a thorough background screening and safety check, including fingerprinting, along with testing for tuberculosis, before being allowed on site.

Safe Learning Environment

  • One of the most effective ways to ensure student safety is to create an environment of mutual respect and support among students at each school site. We, therefore, teach children how to express their feelings and concerns constructively and positively. Social-emotional wellness is an area of emphasis at every one of our schools, and all students are measured against goals set for developing those skills. Faculty members are trained and expected to treat each other and the children in a similarly positive fashion to help contribute to a district-wide culture of respect and support.

    We employ evidence-based practices provided through a variety of means to ensure that our students develop competency in their social-emotional skills. The majority of our practices are designed with the PBIS framework in mind, and we partner with a variety of community nonprofit agencies to leverage the quality of our work for maximum student benefit. Throughout the district, our community partners include YMCA, Acknowledge Alliance, Second Steps, and Community Health Awareness Council, all of which lend expertise and interest to our instruction in the area of social-emotional wellness. Individual school sites may work with additional community partners as well.