Affidavit of Residency

  • Shared housing is defined as two or more families living at one address: a parent (student’s family) and the primary resident. If a parent/guardian does not have both the Lease Agreement/Mortgage and a Utility Bill under their name, they must complete an Affidavit of Residency together with the primary resident.

    A residence is defined by where a student lives seven days a week or over 50% of the time if sharing custody. Only one address may be used. A business address, childcare address (relative/private provider), and P.O. Boxes are not accepted as a student’s primary address; if this is the case, the student will be disenrolled. If, at any time, a student’s residence is in question, the district will investigate.  This includes home visits.  If it is determined that false information was given to prove residency, the student will be disenrolled within five days of notification unless a transfer to remain has been approved.

    Affidavit of Residency Process 

    The primary resident must have the two (2) listed proofs of residency* before a student can attend school. If school is in session and the parent/guardian is new to the area (less than two weeks), you may request a short time extension after a minimum of two (2) proofs from the parent/guardian have been accepted; time extensions may or may not be granted. If school is not in session, only complete packets, including finished affidavits or approved transfers, will be accepted during pre-registration. The Affidavit of Residency must be completed by the parent/guardian before submitting the student’s registration and must be renewed yearly. The Affidavit does not need to be notarized

    1. Prepare your documentation.

      1. See complete list: *Affidavit of Residency Requirements PDF

    2. Download the Affidavit form or pick one up at the Sunnyvale School District office (819 W Iowa Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM).

      1. Affidavit of Residency Form PDF

    3. Demonstrate all required documents and submit your Affidavit to be verified and signed by the District Office Assistant, Cecilia Castañeda.

      1. In-person: 819 W. Iowa Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

      2. Email:

      3. Call: (408) 522-8200 extension 1016

      4. Text Message (rates may apply): (669) 267-4751

      5. Other: if necessary, the primary resident can demonstrate their proofs of residency via video call (e.g. Zoom, Facetime).