Cumberland Volunteers

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    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
    nothing is going to get better. It's not."
    -Dr. Seuss, - The Lorax
     Cumberland would not be the same without all of our wonderful volunteers! Please review the information below to make sure you are ready to help make a difference.

All Volunteers

  • NEW DIGITAL FORM:  Sunnyvale School District utilizes a digital form to clear volunteers.  Each volunteer must submit the digital volunteer form, along with a valid TB test done within the last 4 years.   All volunteers must be approved by our district office in order to start volunteering at Cumberland. Volunteer clearance is only valid for the current school year.  You must submit a new Volunteer form each school year.


    • The district office is utilizing a platform called Permission Click.  
    • The approval process can take up to 2 weeks to be completed. Please plan accordingly. Forms cannot be expedited.
    • Please submit your digital volunteer form, and a valid TB test by using Cumberland’s digital form. Link below. 
    • Make sure to include all of your children, if you have more than one child attending Cumberland.
    • If you have a child at another school, you will need to ask the front office of that specific school for their specific link. 

    *Note updated fingerprinting requirements for field trip chaperones & drivers below

    CLICK THIS DIGITAL FORM TO START THE PROCESS:    Permission Click Volunteer Form 

    TB TESTS: 

    • TB tests are valid for four years. 
    • Please make sure that you have a valid TB test from the last four years. 
    • Each TB test must show the following:
      • Name of volunteer
      • Date of test given
      • Date of test read
      • Induration of reading
      • Test result
    • If you are submitting a TB risk assessment form
      • Must include the questionnaire page and 
      • Must include the doctor's signature & Health Care Provider Name and Address 
      • TB Risk Assessment Form
    • Incomplete TB tests will result in a delay in the process.



    All volunteers who are driving or chaperoning on field trips will need to be fingerprinted.

    You will need to take a photo I.D. and Social Security Number along with the Sunnyvale School District Fingerprinting Form to a facility to be fingerprinted.  The UPS Store has a fingerprinting service.

    Note: if you have previously been fingerprinted with the Sunnyvale School District, you do not need to repeat the process.  However, if you have been previously fingerprinted with another agency you will need to be fingerprinted using the Sunnyvale School District Fingerprinting Form. Note: If there is any chance that you might drive students this year or in the future of your child's time in Sunnyvale School District (ex: sporting events in middle school), consider getting fingerprinted asap so you have it done and on file!


    *If there is any chance that you might drive on a fieldtrip during the school year, please complete that portion of the Volunteer Form as well.  The Drivers form is embedded in the Permission Click Volunteer Form.


    • After you submit your form, you will receive a confirmation email from Permission Click that your form has been submitted
    • Each volunteer form, TB test and proof of vaccination will go through a 3 step approval process.  
    • Front office reviews your form and TB clearance 
    • Ms. Carlson reviews each form
    • Mrs. Conway from the district office reviews your form and enters your information into a Department of Justice program. 
    • Once your volunteer form is approved, you will receive another email from the Permission Click stating that you have been approved.
    • The process may take up to two weeks. Please plan accordingly.  Forms cannot be expedited.  


    • Please contact your child’s teacher to receive further instruction on your volunteer assignment. 
    • Please be patient with this new process. 
    • The process may take up to two weeks. Please plan accordingly.  Forms cannot be expedited.  

    QUESTIONS: Please email your child’s teacher directly for any questions regarding volunteer jobs in the classroom.  The teachers are responsible for their time in the classroom and coordinate scheduling with volunteers. 


    Permission Click Volunteer Form

Field Trip Driver


    Complete the Driver and Vehicle Information section of the Permission Click form. 

    You will need to provide:

    • A copy of your Driver's License
    • Vehicle information
    • Proof of automobile insurance (minimum coverage of $100,000 liability limit for privately owned vehicles per occurrence is required).