• Lakewood School Partnerships 
    Lakewood School Partnerships leverage our vision and goals for student learning.

    1.Supporting Healthy Habits 
    • Playworks
    • Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI)
    • Junior Giants 
    • PAMF 5-2-1-0
    • Kaiser Permanente 
    • US Sports Coaching   
    3. Engaging Students through theArts 
    • De Anza College Euphrats Museum
    • Starting Arts
    4. Providing After School Extended Learning Opportunities 
    • KLAS (Kids Learning After School)
    • Reading Partners 
    • YMCA Extended Learning Program
    • Stretch To Kindergarten (with the Family Engagement Institute)
    And Growing...

    FUN 2

    Developing Healthy Habits for Life

    Google Serve at FUN Day

     Google Serve at Lakewood FUN Day


    M Day

    Multicutural Day