Parent Participation

  • At Fairwood Explorer, we feel children learn best when their families are actively engaged. As a Fairwood Explorer family, we ask that you support this goal by volunteering in the following ways:

    • volunteer in the classroom for two hours per week
    • volunteer as a chaperone and/or driver for at least one field trip each year
    • volunteer on a school-wide team to support one of the many programs we offer to enrich students' educational experience
    • attend parent trainings and three community meetings

    Through this support, parents, teachers, and the greater community come together to create enriching experiences for all students.  As a family, if you are committed to the vision of Fairwood Explorer, but are unable to meet the volunteering expectation, we encourage you to consult with the school administration to determine a way in which we can work together to ensure we can find a volunteering opportunity that will meet your needs. 

    Please give us a call at 408-523-4870 to find out more!