Building Resiliency

  • Every day we are faced with new challenges, some more difficult than others.  For our students, challenges may be academic, physical, social, or emotional.  As a result of these challenges, our children may experience stress, anxiety, fear, or uncertainty.  It’s at these times that children need to have the ability to rise above difficult circumstances, manage their feelings, and bounce back and thrive.  Experts call this Building Resilience.  As caring adults in our children’s lives, we can help the ones we love learn resilience skills.
    Below are some ways to support your child in learning these important skills.
    • Make connections through families and friends.
    • Provide your child with opportunities to help others.
    • Maintain a daily routine at home.
    • Take a break together.
    • Teach self-care - healthy eating, exercise, and rest.
    • Show your child how to set reasonable goals and action steps.
    • Nurture a positive self-view through problem-solving and finding the humor in things.
    • Keep things in perspective and maintain a hopeful outlook.
    • Look for opportunities for self-discovery.
    • Accept that change is part of living.

    “Young people will be resilient when the important adults in their lives believe in them unconditionally and hold them to high expectations.”  from

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