• Visual and performing arts, music, multicultural festivals, living history, hands-on learning, and community field trips add to the educational experience of every child in our district. These enrichment activities are delivered as part of the curriculum and with the help of local community agencies that can put our children in touch with content area experts. Organizations such as Starting Arts bring artists directly into the classroom, while other community partners put children in touch with wildlife or enable them to walk in the shoes of a historical figure to help them gain perspective and understanding.

    We are grateful for the multitude of community partnerships we have in place that help make these enrichment activities available to our students. For information about community partners or enrichment activities at your child’s school, contact their teacher directly.

    Field Trips
    • Performances at California Theater Company Youth Science Institute at Vasona Park, Sanborn Park
    • Marine Discovery Center, Santa Cruz
    • California Academy of Sciences
    • Monterey Aquarium
    • Community Service projects
    • In-n-Out Burger, Pizza My Heart
    • Gold Country and Sacramento
    Events at Fairwood Explorer
    • StarGazing
    • LATE night
    • Math Night
    • Spring Egg Hunt
    • Walkathon
    • Family Picnic