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    • Measure the effectiveness of improvement strategies at the school.
    • Seek input from school advisory committees.
    • Reaffirm or revise school goals.
    • Revise improvement strategies and expenditures.
    • Recommend the approved single plan for student achievement (SPSA) to the governing
    • Monitor implementation of the SPSA.
    • Collaborates with Advisory Groups
    • Receives input about the SELAC English Learner program for inclusion in the SPSA

    2022-2023 School Site Council Members

    The council shall be composed of ten (10) members, selected by their peers, as follows: 
    3 classroom teachers
    1 other school staff member
    5 parents or community members.
    The school principal shall be an ex officio member of the SSC.
    All representatives serve a two-year term, with half elected each year. 
    • Gloria Marchant, Principal 
    • Ruchi Anu Agarwal, Parent
    • Yael Ben Aderet, Parent
    • Alina Cherednichenko, Parent
    • Nancy Cordova, Parent
    • Hemal Mehta, Parent
    • Mike Nelson, Teacher
    • Sunita Parmar, Librarian
    • Don Pearson, Teacher
    • Nicole Pierik, Teacher

    Meetings are typically held in the staff lounge from 2:45 - 4:00 PM on the second Tuesday of each month school is in session. Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the school website and will be posted in the school office windows.
                                                                                  Meeting dates for 2022-2023:
     September 13, 2022  March 7, 2023
    October 18, 2022  April 11, 2023
    November 8, 2022

    May 9, 2023

     January 10, 2023