Welcome to Ms. Bence's Class

  • Areas of Study: 

    Your child will be learning many new and exciting things in first grade. To view the first grade Common Core Content Standards for all of the academic subjects, visit the following link:http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards.


    Language Arts:

    To cover the Language Arts/Reading Standards, I implement:

    • Treasures Reading Program
    • Close Reading
    • Daily 5
    • Small Reading Groups
    • Writer’s Workshop
    • Student-led discussions
    • Cross-curricular studies

    Writing Genre Focuses:


    -Students will recount sequenced events, include details about

    what happened, use order words, and provide closure to their



    -Students will name a topic, supply some facts about the topic, and provide closure to their writing.


    -Students will introduce the topic or book they are writing about, state an opinion, supply reasons for the opinion, and provide closure to their writing.


    Math Expressions

    • Unit 1: Partners and Number Patterns Through 10
    • Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction Strategies
    • Unit 3: Unknown Numbers in Addition and Subtraction
    • Unit 4: Place Value Concepts
    • Unit 5: Place Value Situations
    • Unit 6: Comparisons and Data 
    • Unit 7: Geometry, Measurement, and Equal Shares
    • Unit 8: Two-Digit Addition


    Social Studies Units

    • Rules and Laws
    • All About People
    • We Love Our Country
    • Where People Live
    • The Marketplace
    • Our Changing World

    Science Units

    • Plants, Animals, and Habitats
    • States of Matter
    • Weather
  • Daily Schedule

    • Morning Work/Calendar Activities
    • Language/Reading
    • Writer's Workshop


    • P.E./Specials
    • Math


    • Read Aloud
    • Daily 5
    • Social Studies/Science



    *Our class visits the library and computer lab once a week.  We also have Starting Arts (a performing arts program) once a week, with 6 week rotations of dance, drama, and music.