Welcome to 4th & 5th Grade!

  • Dear Room 15 Parents and Guardians,

    I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break with your families.  I want to thank all of you for the kind words you and your children wrote to me on the Kudoboard for Thanksgiving!  It was very kind and thoughtful of you.

    Digital Citizenship: What is clickbait and how can you avoid it?

    Today, we will have a digital citizenship lesson about how clickbait uses the curiosity gap to get our attention and how we can avoid clickbait online.  This is a lesson from Common Sense education, and they provide these two resources for families if you want to continue the conversation at home:

    REMINDER: Starting Arts

    You are invited to attend an informal presentation of Starting Arts Theatre during school programming for your child's class. This will be a 30 minute glimpse into what we have been working on in our Theatre Arts classes and we hope you can come and check it out. All visitors must check in at the office before heading to the Starting Arts room 7.

    Our class's informance will be:

    Tuesday, December 13th at 10:25am

    We hope to see you there!

    REMINDER: Report Cards & Parent-Student Conferences

    If you haven’t already, please make sure to:

    • Sign & return report card envelope

    • Have a "Parent-Student Conference" to celebrate your child's work this trimester.  During this, you and your child can review their report card, and your child can share their Trimester 1 Reflection and Portfolio with you. You and your child will work together to complete the last slide of the portfolio, which is brainstorming goals for the second trimester.  We will be using this on WEDNESDAY, so please make sure it is complete by then so that your child is able to fully participate in our goal setting lesson/activity.

    REMINDER: Scholastic Book Orders

    Scholastic Book Orders are always completely optional, but they are a fun way to get new books into your home and our classroom. When you buy books through the book order, I get points to spend on buying new books for our classroom.  There are so many book options for all ages on Scholastic's website. 


    Please put in your order online by November 30.  Our class code is J349H.  If you are unable to order online, you may send in cash or check.  Scholastic is promising that all orders placed by November 30 will arrive before our December break.


    If you decide to purchase any books as gifts for your Room 15 student, please let me know.  When the books arrive, I will hand them out to our Room 15 students to bring home.  However, if you would rather pick the books up on your own, I am happy to arrange that with you.


    Please let me know if you have any questions!

     -- Mrs. Sproule

    What We’re Learning

    • Math: Multiplication with Fractions (Click here to see the family information letter for this unit)

    • Reading:  Author’s Message & Theme

    • Writing: Opinion Essays

    • 5th Grade Social Studies: Colonial America

    • 4th Grade Science: Energy

    • Lifelong Learning/SEL: 

      • Respect, Empathy, and Skills for Learning Review

      • Digital Citizenship 

      • Goal Setting

    Here are some questions/topics you can discuss with your child about what we are learning this week: Please note: These are topics we will work on throughout the week, so some will not apply until later in the week.

    • What topic is your group doing for the Talk It Out Review?  How are you going to help your classmates review it?

    • What new goals did you choose for Trimester 2?  How can I help you meet those goals?

    • What topic do you think is the most useful you learned in Talk It Out so far this year?

    • Which book club project did you choose?  What are you proud of with it?

    • What are the author’s messages in the books you are reading for fun?

    • What are you looking forward to about opinion writing?

    • 5th Graders: How would you describe the colonists from different colonies? Why would you describe them that way?

    • 4th Grade: What is energy? What types of energy have you seen in your science experiments this week?  Where have you seen energy or energy transfer outside of science experiments?

    Upcoming Events

    • Wildlife Assembly: December 5

    • Starting Arts Theater “Informance”: December 13

    • Citizen of the Month - Caring: December 23

    • Holiday Break (No School): December 26 - January 6