• Curriculum

     Student learning is our primary focus. We believe that children need to be both challenged and supported to do their best learning. To accomplish this, we offer an academically rigorous curriculum, delivered by a caring, supportive, and attentive instructional team. We can therefore expect high levels of learning achievement for our children.

    Our school offers an enriched curriculum, including music, art, living history and hands-on science, and we incorporate project-based learning and integrate state-of-the-art technology into our teaching methods. We select our core textbooks and materials based on our student learning goals for specific subjects, and our teachers differentiate instructional methods based on individual students’ needs, providing extra help for some and enhanced activities for others.

    English Language Arts

    In English Language Arts (ELA), the Sunnyvale School District aims to develop lifelong readers and writers. Developing lifelong readers and writers requires starting early and providing a comprehensive ELA program that balances students’ competence, motivation, accessibility, and experiences with print. Four essential components of our ELA program are 1) a strong literature, language, and writing program, 2) decoding skills needed to read fluently, 3) ongoing diagnosis and assessment, and 4) early intervention for students who need additional support to reach benchmark in reading.

    Core Programs: 

    K-5 Fountas and Pinnell Classroom

    Core Supplemental Materials:

    Writers’ Workshop 

    Words Their Way

    Read Naturally

    Read Well

    Leveled Readers

    English 3D (ELD) - Scholastic Education 


    In mathematics, our goal is for students to understand math concepts, know how to perform calculations, and be able solve problems. We strive to accomplish this by providing students with a balanced instructional program.  

    Core programs: 

    K-5 California Math Expressions Common Core - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    Core Supplemental Materials: 

    K-5 Do the Math - Scholastic Education

    iReady - Curriculum Associates

    Math Partnership: Silicon Valley Math Initiative (SVMI):

    Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI) provides teachers with math training on math instruction to enhance student learning. The initiative is based on high performance expectations, examining student work, and improved math instruction through student feedback and exposure to rigorous tasks. Students engage in high-level math tasks that allow for student collaboration, critical thinking, and justification of solutions. 

    Social Studies

    We believe that a deep understanding of history, geography and of social institutions matched with critical thinking, inquiry and research skills are essential skills for all students. Our social studies program also helps students develop knowledge and cultural understanding and democratic and civic values, critical for social participation. 

    Core Programs:

    K-5   Harcourt Reflections


    Our goal for our science program is to help students learn science to enable them to enjoy and understand their planet.  We believe that some concepts are best learned through reading and writing, while other concepts are best learned through exploration.  Above all, we want students to enjoy learning science in ways that enriches their own lives and help them be stewards of the Earth. 

    Core Programs:

    K-5   Pearson Scott Foresman California Science

    Core Supplemental Materials:

    K-5 Amplify Science

    K-5 Mystery Science 


    Our arts program is carefully planned to support and enhance the district’s academic goals and incorporate the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards. 

    All K-5 students participate in 18 weeks of arts instruction in dance, drama and music provided by Starting Arts, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is the promotion and preservation of quality arts education in public schools. Since 2001, Starting Arts has partnered with school communities and districts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students’ classroom teachers also attend the arts lessons to support the instruction and develop their own arts skills and experience.