Instructional Methods: What We Do to Help Kids Learn

  • Instructional methods vary from teacher to teacher and grade to grade, but in general, Explorer teachers design units that:

    • Align carefully with State Common Core standards
    • Provide inquiry, expert, or entry “anchor” events to introduce projects or units
    • Provide student choice within the context of a broader question/topic
    • Integrate activities that access multiple intelligences
    • Provide hands-on learning opportunities
    • Provide opportunities for students to share their work
    • Link topics to “real-life” outside of the classroom
    • Increase student engagement using cooperative learning strategies
    • Differentiate to provide growth opportunities for all students
    • Utilize strategies to support English Language Learners
    • Focus on process as much as product
    • Build developmental assets
    Teachers plan, write, implement, and assess lessons. Explorer parents provide support in class and at home, preparing materials and facilitating cooperative learning activities.