Learning Through the Grade Levels

  • Teachers are accountable to the State of California for implementing the rigorous Common Core standards in every subject area. As your child grows, your child’s classroom will closely align the Common Core Standards with students’ developmental needs. Different grade levels reflect mastery of these standards in different ways. For example, all students from kindergarten through fifth grade participate in the scientific process, but the scaffolding that guides them and the artifacts they produce are quite different.
    Kindergartners might utilize writing and art projects to turn their classroom into an informational text about a collective research topic, whereas fifth-graders may design their own research projects that result in collaborative artifacts (such as group presentations) and individual artifacts (such as models, multiple paragraph essays, project display boards, digital presentations, etc.).
    For more information on the Common Core and standards at your child’s grade level, please go to the California Department of Education’s website http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/.