Ways We Communicate

  • The Sunnyvale School District believes positive home/school relations are critical to the support and success of our schools. It is our hope that improved communications with the community will further strengthen that relationship. The Communications Department utilizes a variety of tools to communicate directly with students and parents, community partners and other key stakeholders to ensure our messages are clear and our audiences are connected to all that's going on in the District.

  • District Digest


    The District Digest is an online newsletter produced and distributed quarterly by the Sunnyvale School District. In general, the Digest covers programs, happenings, and issues affecting our neighborhood schools, the district, and public education. Articles are posted frequently and a condensed, “digest” version is emailed quarterly to subscribers. Please click HERE and follow the directions to subscribe to the District Digest or view online HERE.


    Submission Guidelines 

    Submissions are welcome and encouraged for the District Digest. Share your story about how Sunnyvale schools have impacted you or your student’s life by filling out this short form HERE. Click HERE to learn more about submission guidelines.

  • SchoolMessenger 


    The District also uses a product called SchoolMessenger to communicate with District families. SchoolMessenger gives the District the ability to send phone messages, emails, and also text messages. The phone number, email address, or cell phone number that is used for these communications is comes from the District's student information system. It is possible to unsubscribe or subscribe to each type of broadcast. In order to receive messages from the District you need to opt-in from the number that is listed as the cell contact number in our student information system. If you need to update this number please contact your school site.


    For Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about our new text messaging option please click on the link below:


    Texting Frequently Asked Questions

  • PowerSchool


    PowerSchool is the Sunnyvale School District's electronic student management system where student information is collected and stored. The Portal is the "doorway" into the system giving parents access to information about their children. The PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information that may include attendance, grades, lunch balances and detailed assignment descriptions and school bulletins. Everyone stays connected! Students can stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their children's progress, and teachers can share information with parents and students. Click here for access to the PowerSchool Parent portal.

  • Social Media Directory


    The Sunnyvale School District, along with its schools, have a variety of social networking and media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are a subscriber to these sites, feel free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter


    Sunnyvale School District

    Twitter  Facebook

    Bishop Elementary


    Cherry Chase Elementary


    Cumberland Elementary


    Ellis Elementary


    Fairwood Explorer 


    Lakewood Elementary

    Twitter  Facebook

    San Miguel Elementary

    Twitter  Facebook   instagram

    Sunnyvale Middle


  • Web Sites 


    The public web site is used to communicate district/school news, announcements, calendar events, key contact information, marketing/comparative data, parent group and general school information for current and prospective parents. The district site also includes information about the Board of Education, policies, and department information for staff, parents, students, and the community. Visit www.sesd.org for more information.

  • Mobile App
    This new, free tool will help you stay informed about what's happening in your schools throughout the year. Below you can find a guide to downloading the app and making the most of its features. 

    Getting Started

    The Sunnyvale School District app is available for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets). 

    To download the free app:


    Once the app has loaded on your device, open it. You may be prompted to select which school(s) you'd like to follow. This means you will receive news and notifications from those schools. Don't worry; you can change your preferences later also. Then, you are taken to the home screen of the app. You can swipe left to see additional icons and features. It's a good idea to complete a few initial steps to customize your app experience: 

    • Settings: You can select your language preference in Settings. The default is English, but there are more than 60 other languages you can choose. **Please be aware that these automated translations might contain inaccuracies. The Settings icon is also where you go to follow additional schools. 
    • Student Info: By choosing this icon and logging in with your Login ID and password, you can access individual student information such as classes, grades, attendance, meal balances and more. Don't know your login information? Request parent login information
    • Push notifications: Click on this area to view and customize your notifications. By default, everyone who downloads the app will receive district notifications and will get a “push” alert when there is a new message. You can choose to receive notifications from individual schools as well; just click the Settings icon. If you have logged via Student Info (see above), you will also have the option to set up push notifications regarding student grades, attendance and more. 
    • News: By default you will receive the district’s news, Facebook and Twitter feeds. You can customize the feeds you receive by clicking the Settings icon in the upper right. 
    • Calendar: By default you receive information from the district events calendar. You can customize the feeds you receive by clicking the Settings icon in the upper right. When you click on an individual calendar event, you will have the option to add that event to your device's calendar. 

    Other features

    • Directory: Here, you will find addresses, maps, websites, phone and email contacts for each school and for the district office. Want to contact a teacher or other staff member? Just click the "Staff" button and search for their name. 
    • Activity Stream: This feed consolidates all news and calendar updates in one place.   
    • Tip Line: Share your safety concerns via the tip line. Any information submitted using the form goes directly to our Communications Coordinator who will use discretion and keep as much information confidential as possible to ensure the issue is addressed. 
    • Meal Menus: See what’s on the menu at our schools.
    • Report an absence: Email or call your school to report your student's absence.
    • Pay for meals:  Login to your EZSchoolPay account to add money to your child’s meal account.
    • Resources: Find links to important reference information.  
    • Facebook, Twitter and Photos: Go directly to the district’s social media sites, or browse recently-posted pictures. 
    • YouTube: This is the district’s YouTube channel, featuring videos about our schools.


    If you enjoy using the app, we encourage you to hit the Settings icon and rate and share the app with other members of the Sunnyvale SD family.
  • Calendar Subscription


    Subscribing to our calendars is a wonderful and easy way to stay up to date on school and district events, teacher work days, holiday closures, board of education meetings, parent education workshops, early dismissals and more!


    How to subscribe to our calendars:


    Here's how you subscribe to an iCal Feed on a Google Calendar.

    Open your Google Calendar.

    Locate Other Calendars, which is located at the bottom left of the screen.

    Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Other Calendars.

    Select Add by URL from the list.

    Enter the subscription link in the field. To obtain the subscription link, on the end-user website, navigate to the desired calendar and click iCal Feed.

    If you would like these events to be public, click the Make the calendar publicly accessible checkbox.

    Click Add Calendar.

    Add the iCal Feed calendar to your Android device using instructions from your service provider.


    Here's how you subscribe to an iCal Feed using your iPhone or iPad.

    On your iPhone or iPad, click your Settings icon.

    Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list.

    Select Add Account.

    Select Other.

    Select Add Subscribed Calendar which is located at the bottom of the list.

    Enter the subscription link in the server field. To obtain the subscription link, on the end-user website, navigate to the desired calendar and click iCal Feed.

    Click Next, which is located at the top right corner of the screen.

    The URL is verified and your subscription information displays.

    Click Save!

  • The District Bridge 


    The District Bridge is a biannual publication that shares the latest news about our students, teachers, staff, and schools with the surrounding Sunnyvale community.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.