District Technology Plan

  • The district tech plan was once required by all school districts in order to be eligible for E-rate communications discounts. These "Erate" tech plans were highly structured and targeted to justify participation in the Erate discount program.  At this time, due to a federal policy change, a technology plan is not required to be eligible for an E-rate.  Additionally, the Educational Technology department reports to the Board of Education every year on the plan's progress and updates.   Our district tech plans are on a 3-year refresh cycle.


    The tech plan currently "in effect" for the district was written for 2019 through 2022.  It is our hope to spend the 2022-2023 school year developing a tech plan that better suits the needs of the district constituencies, in a format that is more functional for our end users for the next three years.  


    The files listed below define our current technology plan.  The database at the bottom of the page is our tech plan "archive" for past tech plans and presentations to the board of education.


Tech Plan Document Archive

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  • 06-09
  • 09-12
  • 12-15
  • 2017
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  • Presentation
  • Tech Plan
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  • District Tech 2007.pdf
  • District Tech 2007.ppt
  • District Tech 2008.pdf
  • District Tech 2008.ppt
  • District Tech 2009.pdf
  • District Tech 2009.ppt
  • District Tech 2010.key
  • District Tech 2010.pdf
  • District Tech 2011.key
  • District Tech 2011.pdf
  • District Tech 2012.key
  • District Tech 2013.key
  • District Tech 2013.pdf
  • District Tech 2017.key
  • District Tech 2017.pdf
  • District Tech 2017.pptx
  • SSD Tech Plan 06-09.pdf
  • SSD Tech Plan 09-12.pdf
  • SSD Tech Plan 12-15.pdf
  • SSDTechPlanUpdate2.0.pdf
  • SSDTechPlanUpdate2.0.ppt
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