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Sunnyvale School District

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Measure G Bond Program

  • Your Tax Dollars at Work!


    In November 2013, voters in the Sunnyvale School District passed Measure G: a $96 million school bond measure to continue rebuilding Sunnyvale School District.


    Measure G passed with 68% of voters supporting the measure. The bond proceeds provide funding for technology improvements, comparable classrooms for all students and increasing energy efficiency efforts throughout Sunnyvale School District.


     Please check Measure G:

    1. Completed Construction
    2. Future Construction
    3. 2013 Measure G Fund Ending June 30,2016.pdf


    Citizens' Bond Oversight & Parcel Tax Committee


    Laws governing passage of Measure G require strict accountability for the spending of funds received as a result of voter-approved bonds. These include annual independent audits and public oversight. An independent Citizens Oversight Committee (COC), comprised of local senior citizens, homeowners, taxpayers, and parents, among others, has been appointed to monitor expenditure of all Measure G funds and to keep the public informed of the progress of the Measure G.


    This website will provide the community with information about the status of the bond funding and the work of the Citizens' Oversight Committee.


    Members  -  Term:


    Sandy Agbayani -  06/30/2017

    Mary Bradley - 06/30/2017

    Dean Chu - 11/19/2017

    Rosemarie Kuykendall - 06/30/2017

    Judi Nickey - 08/11/2018

    Charlie Shoemaker - 06/30/2017

    Samuel Spinella - 08/11/2018

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