• In Sunnyvale School District, our motto is Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.  We believe that building leadership capacity is essential for teachers as well as students.  We share leadership through district and site committees that both advise, develop and implement district programs. The culture of collaboration is evident, with approximately one-third of our certificated employees involved in a district-level committee and even more involved in school-level committees.  Committees work involves various levels of input and decision-making including:

    • Making decisions about  curriculum, assessment and professional development
    • Learning about research-based best practices
    • Preparing to present professional development modules for teachers
    • Sharing resources and modeling successful classroom practices
    • Developing common assessments and grading protocols
    • Collaborating around the analysis of student achievement data

    A description of the purpose of each committee and the roles and responsibilities of committee members is distributed to each member in the fall when committee membership is established. Teachers volunteer or are recruited to participate on a committee through the principal who is responsible for approving the adjunct duty assignment. Every effort is made to balance committee representation and to provide opportunities for leadership development across schools and grade levels.