Health and Wellness

  • The Sunnyvale Wellness Program formally began in 2006 in response to the federal mandate for districts to take action to combat childhood obesity. Our District Wellness Committee, which started small and mainly reporting site-based wellness activities around the SCCOE Fit for Learning, has now grown to a collaborative of 13 partners who directly support staff and student wellness, nutrition, and health. 

    Palo Alto Medical Foundation, one of our first partners, began delivering a program in the Sunnyvale Schools, based on a social marketing campaign called 5-2-1-0, a daily program of 5 fruits or vegetables; 2 hours or less screen time; 1 hour or more physical activity; 0 sugary drinks. Enthusiasm for 5-2-1-0 quickly spread to all schools through PAMF outreach, Wellness Committee members, and our District English Learner Parent Advisory Committees.

    On April 26, 2012, the Sunnyvale School District hosted the very first community collaborative breakfast meeting presented by Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF).  PAMF invited a variety of nonprofits to discuss forming a group of partners who were committed to healthy eating and active living to support young people and their families in Sunnyvale.  More than 40 people representing a broad spectrum of audiences showed up to join the conversation. Since the initial meeting, the Sunnyvale Collaborative has held regular meetings at different sites throughout the city, highlighting program services, sites, and resources available within the community.  Additionally, representatives participate in our District Wellness Committee which also meets 3 times each year for planning and program evaluation.

    Our collaborative partners continue to meet throughout the year where we discuss and brainstorm new ideas that can continue to support health and wellness in our schools and give the opportunity to share many of the programs' successes in our schools and community.

    Since 2006, we have evolved from no coordinated program of services in 2006, to a well-developed district-wide system in 2013 with wellness plans for students at all schools that include: Annual 5-2-1-0 assemblies and poster contests; after-school sports programs, theater nutrition, puberty, and anti-bulling assemblies; Just Run-tracking miles; classroom GoNoodle brain breaks; walking Wednesdays; bike safety classes; parent nutrition education cooking classes; A-Z salad bars and no chocolate milk in our cafeterias; clear policy for healthy foods in the classrooms and at co-curricular activities; fitness contests, jog-a-thons, and fitness goals set for each student by physical education staff.

    Sunnyvale School District was honored in May 2013 by BANPAC (Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative) for having 100% implementation of Employee Wellness Guidelines. These guidelines reflect a commitment by staff to be role models for a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices.  

    The Mayor of Sunnyvale recognized each SSD school in September 2013 for their outstanding environmental achievements regarding the Safe Routes to School program.

    As we continue our ongoing efforts and dedication to health and wellness, we are fortunate to work with our collaborative partners whose insightful input helps us continuously improve and strive toward promoting health and wellness education.  Through our resources, we will continue to promote self-esteem, healthy choices, and a healthy lifestyle for our Sunnyvale School District Community. 

    The Sunnyvale District Health and Wellness Program is implemented by district staff and 13 community partners. The many activities are funded through grants that are provided by each agency with little or no cost to our district beyond the willingness of staff to accept the community’s offer to collaborate.