In January 2016, California adopted a new law covering comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention in public schools, the California Healthy Youth Act. (Education Code Section 51930-51939)


    In the fall of 2019, the District focused on the Growth, Development and Sexual Health curriculum for grades 6-8. The focus was to ensure all instruction and materials support and align with the purposes of the California Healthy Youth Act.


    There was a small group formed, consisting of science teachers representing Columbia Middle School and Sunnyvale Middle School, parents, administrators and the District Health and Wellness Liaison. The goal was to ensure that our Growth, Development and Sexual Health curriculum under the new law is in compliance and that everyone has the opportunity to achieve these content goals and curriculum outcomes.


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    If you do not want your student to participate in the Growth, Development and Sexual Health program, please send a written request to your school principal.  The opt-out letters are available below for your information, including the LGBTQ inclusivity requirements and how they interact with the parental opt out.

    The adopted curriculum for grades 4 and 5 can be viewed at school sites and the District Office only.

    • 4th Grade - "Just Around the Corner" (Adopted 2008)
    • 5th Grade - "Puberty Talk" by Health Connected (Adopted 2017) **Please note: the HIV/AIDs lesson is not covered in 5th Grade
    • 4th-8th Grade - ASKABLE PARENTS is a website providing information on workshops, resources, parent consultations and more.

    Please visit askableparent.com

Opt-Out Forms

  • California Healthy Youth Act Fact Sheets

    The California Healthy Youth Act, Education Code Section 51930-51939, required California public schools, including charter schools, to provide comprehensive sexual health education.  Here are some facts about the law.